About Us

Welcome to the Wheat Road Cold Cuts - Wheat Road Catering On-Line Ordering System.

This software has been developed by us to provide our catering customers with a seamless, on-line ordering experience in an effort to save you time, money and complexity.

Every effort has been made to assure that all pricing and the mathematical computations based on that pricing will be error-free. When your order is finalized, we receive a copy of it and will alert you as soon as possible to any discrepancies we see in your order. You are not under any obligation to accept your order if there are pricing discrepancies, nor are we under any obligation to honor any incorrect pricing based on your use of this system. We will treat you honestly and fairly and we would appreciate the same type of behavior in return.

Your use of our system is based upon your understanding and agreeing to this simple principle of fairness.

If you have any questions about menu choices or pricing, please contact us at: wheatroadcoldcuts@gmail.com

If you have questions about the functionality of the software, please contact the webmaster at albertoliberato@fastmail.com

Thank you for your understanding.